Eric Parsons and Dylan Kentch Fatbike the Alaskan Coast… In 2008

Eric Parsons, owner and innovator over at Revelate Designs, just posted a video edit of his 2008 trip up Alaska’s Gulf Coast. This is some of the coolest 14 minutes I’ve ever spent on the web.

I bought a bag from Eric five years ago, and it was my first step into Bikepacking. Pretty awesome to think they’re using Surly Pugsleys, the year they debuted, and here I am eight years later riding the same bike, with bags made by the guy in this video! If there’s ever a “History of Bikepacking” written, this video should get its own chapter!

Post-Trip Review: My Surly Pugsley Bikepacking Rig

There’s nothing like waking up every morning and riding my favorite bike.

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