I struggled with how exactly I wanted to talk about the recent events in France. Sometimes I feel blogs like mine serve as some small relief from politics, war, and strife, and that I have a responsibility not to break that wall.

The Radavist expressed the sentiments I feel with a simple message of peace. Since Kelley’s bike is as nineties as it gets, I wanted to extend the same image, in solidarity.


Thanks, John. Keep Riding.

New Flat Pedals, Five Minutes In


Someone smarter than me said it:

Two mountain bikers are powering up a steep, technical hill. The one with flat pedals steps too shallow, flipping the pedal into his shin and crashing. He’s lying on the ground, rolling in pain.

The clipless rider powers right past him, securely attached to his pedals. He gets to the steepest section, stalls, tips over, and rolls down the hill. He’s lying on the ground, rolling in pain.