Whatever Happened to Max, The Cyclist?

I’m not dead… Yet!

When I started this blog, I lived on the back of a bicycle. I did that for more than a year.

That was a pretty great year! Touring as a lifestyle is very fulfilling, and I learned a great deal about myself on the road. But, eventually, I decided it was time to move forwards. This semester is my busiest yet – I’m teaching two classes at UMass Amherst, I’m a staff writer for a renewable energy website, I’m the editor in chief of a new literary magazine, and I’m still freelancing.

In some ways, I’ve lost a bit of balance. The blog has been really great for me, since it forces me to get out and go on adventures to keep a level head through all of the other challenges in my life. This particular semester, I’ve let the blog take a backseat, and I miss it terribly.

In two weeks, my semester ends and Max, The Cyclist emerges from the pain cave to, once again, spend the entire summer on the back of a bike. Thank you for sticking with me, and thanks for giving me the motivation to get out and find a couple of stories to tell. I’ll be back in May with more reviews, trip reports, big rides, and bad puns.

Keep Riding!


6 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Max, The Cyclist?

  1. Stoked to read it Max! I too have been off bike too much this winter with record rainfall in Santa Cruz and my work life becoming increasingly hectic. Here’s to finding a better balance in 2017! Cheers!

  2. Hey Max, I like your Surly. Can you ride singletrack with that front rack installed? I’m wondering if racks are feasable for bumpy riding. I’m setting up a bikepacking bike, myself. I have a Surly Karate Monkey and all the rack mounts look tempting, but I’m concerned racks aren’t going to hold up if I want to ride technical trails when I’m not hauling.

    1. I can, but the only problem is the possibility of a crash. I have bent front racks before during crashes.

      For a trip like my Iceland adventure I wouldn’t hesitate to run a basket. On bikepacking trips like the weekends I spend around the Northeast, I probably wouldn’t, because our rooty and rocky singletrack can push my limit as a rider.

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