Crashing at Jimmy’s

In every sense of the word…

Coming up on the third anniversary of this blog, I can sometimes psych myself out thinking that I haven’t done anything “worthy” of a post. I think everyone does this. When you compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel, or even your own, your “quiet” weekend becomes a “mundane” weekend.

I want to counter the assumption: my quiet weekend was anything but.

We spent the weekend backyard-camping in Princeton, Mass, in the neighborhood where Jim grew up. For Jimmy, Princeton is a pretty special place, and I enjoyed the experience vicariously. Between the old photos, the DIY camp chairs around the fire pit, and the rebellious bottle of hidden Captain Morgan’s in the back of Jim’s friend Alex’s teenage closet, this place is thick with summer vibes and late-childhood nostalgia.

For the third time in my life, I built an upside-down fire. My friend Casey and I spent about 20 minutes gathering dead branches and dry logs and processing them into 1.5-foot chunks. We had a whole spectrum of diameters, and we stacked them with the largest on the bottom (contrary to a “typical” fire). The idea is, your fire starts small, and burns its way down through the layers slowly over about three hours with no maintenance.

This one worked perfectly. We had a roaring fire the whole night through without having to get out of our camp chairs once (other than a run to the fridge for another beer).

We also did a little bit of mountain biking. Jimmy rode Kelley’s Krampus and found his inner Evil Kinevil on the way back home. At 20mph in a dried-up stream bed, he grabbed a fistful of front brake and flipped over the handlebars, somersaulting gracefully to a stop. His wrist swelled up but we were 100% sure he was fine – Brittany is a physical therapist specializing in injury rehabilitation and Casey is an active EMT. The Krampus fared even better!

On Sunday, we headed back west, but we couldn’t help ourselves but to get back into the woods. A quick hike at the Notch in the Holyoke Range sated us, which is good, since we’re in a 5-day stretch of rain. Feels like Washington state!

Weekends like this one are what summer is all about. It might not be a white-knuckle, life-affirming, boundary-pushing Type-2 adventure, but Type-1 fun has a lot of appeal, too. Sometimes I think I don’t celebrate it enough.

Keep Chilling,

3 thoughts on “Crashing at Jimmy’s

  1. It has been a rainy, wet, cool start to summer up here too and I’ve only recently ventured out as well. An unprecedented number of bear sightings in town this year, a result of a lack of food last year, last fall, they’re out in the (smallish) city looking for food: 11 sightings on our university campus already!

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