Writing Solicitations

Manufacturers: I have the opportunity to test and rank a lot of gear through all of my cycling and camping. If you have a product you’d like tested, reach out to me. I do reviews for lots of companies from a range of backgrounds, and it’s been a mutually beneficial model for all involved. If you make something and it’s good stuff, I’ll get the word out in an honest way.

Cyclists: I am always available to answer questions about touring, bicycles, camping, writing, or just about anything. Do not hesitate to leave comments on my posts, or contact me privately through the form below. Share your stories, I love hearing them!

Writing Solicitations: I’m a professional freelance writer. I’m obviously very interested in writing about cycling, but I’m also an experienced and published writer for topics like environmental conservation, renewable energy, natural science, history and culture, outdoor recreation, and more.To date, I have over 475 published articles with an audience of over 4.5 million.

To inquire about my availability for your project, send an email to mdilthey@gmail.com or use the contact form below:

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4 thoughts on “Writing Solicitations

  1. Hey Max! so hopefully you remember me and this doesnt come out of left field, my name is Landon and I am the bike tech for EMS in Hingham. I think I told you i built up a pugsley, but anyways, im thinking about getting into some winter bikepacking this season and pushing the elements a bit. Is this something you might be interested? shoot me an email! talk to you soon!

    1. Landon! Of course I remember you! I’m headed to Denver, Colorado in about 2 weeks to… well, do some winter biking! I’m definitely interested in a trip if you want to do one this winter.

      I haven’t got a mountain bike, just the one you saw. However, I can probably fit 35 or even 41mm knobby tires on it and pretend, although I’ll be a lot slower than you. Definitely get in touch with me when you want to do a trip.

      I’ll mildly look into the financial feasibility of a real 29er bikepacking bike, but no promises this season…

  2. You need some flushable moist wipes to add to your travel kit! You wouldn’t clean your car (or bike) with only a dry sponge… why would you clean your behind with only dry paper?!

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