Gear Lists

Here’s what I carry with me. Most of these gear lists are spreadsheets, but I’m starting to shift over to, a gear list website that automatically totals weights and graphs the data for you. The site is made by the UL community, not for profit, so no ads and no payment required. Neat!

Here’s my most recent, 3-season bikepacking list:

3-Season Bikepacking List 2016

Here are my older lists:

Bikepacking List 2015

Winter Bikepacking List 2015

Ultralight 3-Season Backpacking List 2014

“One Bag” Travel List 2013

Max Bike Map

5 thoughts on “Gear Lists

  1. What is your “go-to” place to purchase your lightweight gear for touring? I am mostly wanting to know about sleep system, cooking and bags.

    1. I like online shops like REI, Backcountry, and EMS because I can use them for warranty repairs and returns when something breaks. You can google the weight of individual items.

  2. i love your gear lists and how meticulous it is. will definitely use it for our spring/summer bikepacking trips. How do you like the Revelate Viscacha? Just got it t REI recently, but haven’t use it.

    1. I’m due for a review on it. If you pack it lightly, it’s rock solid and helps solve the frame bag “puzzle” of carrying full gear without racks and panniers.

  3. Maybe I’m just missing them but there seem to be a couple of omissions. Like a pump (both lists) and a sleeping bag (normal list). Otherwise a very useful set of lists.

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