Max, The Cyclist


I’m Max.


I’m trying to say yes to everything. I’m a cyclist, writer, explorer, and story-teller. This site is about what I do, so it’s a mix of biking, hiking, backpacking, gear talk, and inspiration.

MAX_4773 - Version 2

This site stems from an urge to explore, to push out my comfort zone, and to gain perspective through increasing adversity. My bicycle is the perfect teacher; I know more about myself now than I ever have. I’m trying not to take it too seriously, but the blog is about stuff I’m immensely passionate about, so I tend to write…excitedly.

cropped-md025714.jpgYou can check out my gear and my bikes using the menu at the top. You can also contact me privately, or leave comments on any of my posts. Share your stories right back at me!


11 thoughts on “Max, The Cyclist

  1. You share good information and have a rather entertaining way of doing so! I like your machine and the way you made it yours.

  2. Hey there love your bike and how you personalized it. What type of front and rear rack are you running?

  3. Found your site while preparing for a 1 week roundtrip with minimal luggage on the island of Crete / Greece. Very helpful!

    Keep up the great spirit here

  4. Nice site. I like the layout, clear and entertaining wording, common sense, sound advice and great philosophy. Nice range of bikes and pleasing to see someone not hooked into the hype about all the gear you ‘need’ just to get out of the house and moving.

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