Basketpacking: It’s like Bikepacking, but for Nerds!

The only bike I know how to build is an adventure bike.

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The Bikepacker’s Toolkit

When things get FUBAR and you’re SOL, your toolkit is your BFF!

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Karate Monkey Two-Speeding With My Friend Melvin

All the perils of single-speeding coupled with all the issues of a front derailleur! And how!

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Ride Long and Prosper with Vulcanization

Everything on the bike is a ‘consumable.’


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The Minimalist Wardrobe Project

The author is fully naked at the time of this writing.


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Modifying Ortlieb Back Roller Panniers

You can’t fix what isn’t broken…. or can you?!


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Getting the Kinks Out: A Guide on Touring Bike Customization

I have it just how I like it… here’s how I like it.

Biking up Mt. Greylock today.

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