Sneaking Away For The Weekend

I miss my blog!

I have two friends named Tim. You might remember both from previous blog posts. Well, the Tim with a beard turned 30 this weekend, and like all good Vermonters, his birthday was best celebrated in the woods.

Our crew headed up to the UMass Cabin for a delightful weekend planned by Tim’s girlfriend Sarah. Kelley and I were swamped with work, as you can probably tell by the waning content here, but we managed to sneak away for about 18 hours to enjoy some of New Hampshire’s finest accommodations.

The UMass Cabin has been a destination for UMass students for decades. You’d think they’d find a nice stretch of woods in Massachusetts, but this cabin is nestled near Bethlehem, NH, just a stone’s throw from Franconia Notch.

This trip really had everything we could have asked for. Great company, cheap beer, breakfast food, and a sweet snow cave where Kelley and I spent the night. By morning, the ceiling was collapsed to our noses from the balmy 40ºF weather. All that heat made for obscenely packable snow.

We met with some old friends and new friends on this trip. This journeyed Gregory pack belongs to our new buddy Joe. I’ve only hung out with Joe a couple of times, but you can tell by looking at him that he knows way more about camping than anyone else. It was fun hanging out with long-time friends of another friend, with a mix of newness and familiarity . The dynamic this weekend was absolutely perfect.

It helps that the UMass cabin is really well stocked. It’ll sleep about 30 people if you’re cozy with your neighbors. And why wouldn’t you be?

At least four cast-iron pans were in rotation…

And that cast iron collection included a dutch oven, which we cooked a pineapple upside-down cake in over this really classy wood stove. Everything tastes better when you make it over a wood fire. Joe was our master dessert chef, aided by a steady intake of PBR.

Also, I’m convinced that NH and VT are the same state. They share demographics, stove manufacturing, trail systems, mountain ranges…

As glad as I am to have had a weekend in the woods, the trip for us was shorter than it should have been. Making time for camping trips is getting tough. I’m turning into a regular old 9-to-5er. I’m hoping I get a chance to break out of the cycle a bit over spring break, and then it’s just six more weeks until the Summer of Love 2017. I’ll be back, with a vengeance!

Happy Birthday, Tim!


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