Coming Soon…

This is becoming par for the course, but my September is always extremely full. I’m starting my Ph.D. in Regional Planning, and I’m teaching and co-authoring two papers.

I’ll be back with a vengeance in October with the second part of my Israel trip report, full gear lists from my Iceland bikepacking trip, a weekend in the White Mountains, and a review of the amazing Exped Orion II 4-season tent. Stay tuned!

Just a quick pic I shot on a beautiful fall fatbiking ride in the Holyoke range. Definitely digging baskets this season. See you on the other side…

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Nice! I’m looking into finding a LARGE 3 season tent to appease my wife and coax her into camping. For the bikepack I like to follow Shug Emery and his hammock chronicles. I haven’t been winter camping since Boy Scout winter jamboree!

    Fatties in the fall is a right of passage and one of my favorite times to get out and put some extra miles in, or explore new areas. I also picked up a platform rack, although mines the much smaller Surly 8 Pack Rack. I haven’t got it installed yet, but I’m looking forward to exploring what kinds of options it provides me. I’ll let you know how that works out and I’ll keep my eye out for your next reportage!

    Cheers, Andy

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