Bunyan Velo Drops Issue No. 6

If you’re into bikes (why else would you be here?), check out Bunyan Velo‘s Issue No. 6. The contributors are a who’s who of bikepacking’s digital voice, and the contributions are nothing short of inspired.

PhotobySpencerJHarding_BV (1)
Photo by Spencer J. Harding

If you’re like me, you lie awake at night wondering who’s willing to pay for good written content. In that case, the digital copy is only $5.00 for you to own.

If you’re like Max-of-a-few-years-ago, you can’t spare $5.00. Lucky you, you can still enjoy the full article on Bunyan Velo’s website, for free. But c’mon, put your money where your mouth is and keep publications like these flowing!

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3 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo Drops Issue No. 6

  1. I realize there’s probably not enough of a market for a physical copy, but I wish I could read the Bunyan Velo magazine in person. I hate reading in depth pieces like this online. I feel the computer screen detracts from the beautiful pics. I know, I’m an old soul I guess.

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