Escape [to/from] New York

I traded my woods for the Urban Jungle.


I spent the last 10 days or so in New York City, staying with a few friends and taking in the significantly quicker pace of Manhattan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the city; I definitely don’t prescribe to the idea that there are city people and country people. I think that’s a flag waved to justify not exposing yourself to unfamiliar environments, something I try and suppress in myself at all times. Maybe I’m biased. I grew up in NYC, long before I ever went camping.

It’s been a fun week, but my one regret is that I’ve spent a dangerous amount of time off the bike lately. Walking everywhere is so exhausting, forget it! I’ll be back next week with more content, including a first look at the Inside Line Equipment Flaptop, a particularly unique backpack specifically designed for the bike-inclined (and it works for bipedals, too).


There’s no better way to try out a bag than to force yourself to live out of it for a week and a half. I’ll update my minimalist, one-bag travel list as well, and show you guys how traveling light guides my itinerary, too.

Stay tuned, and ride more than I have lately!



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