Sneaking A Quickie

I’ve really been getting around lately…


I’m pretty bogged down. It’s the end of my semester, and I’ve got a lot of grading and end-of-term projects in the pipe. Another four or five days, and I’ll be free.

Still, one must stay sane! Since Earl’s Trails is just a mile down the road, I can skulk away for an hour to commune with nature at least a few times a week, even when things get to their absolute busiest. The restorative effect of these short, sweet, and thigh-burningly fast rides is keeping my head above water.


And speaking of moisture, the weather this week has been absolutely wicked. It’s cold and wet every night, like the Pacific Northwest, with rolling fog and a thick layer of frozen dew. The trail is chewy and thick, and the sun has been poking through at around 1:00 to warm things up enough for long-sleeved shirts and light gloves. I am digging it.


And it makes for great pictures, too.

Keep Riding, the holidays are here!


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