4 thoughts on “Learning To Fly

    1. I thought so too, and I couldn’t even come close until like, this week. I figured it out.

      Flat, spiked pedals, flat shoes: Point your toes down and make a motion like you’re trying to slide your feet back on the pedals. So, you’re pulling up on the pedals by pushing back and slightly up. Once you get it, it will just click and getting the bike a few inches off the ground will be easy. Now, ollie-ing the bike, that’s a whole other animal…

    2. Essentially the bike is a quick lever. Just jump while lifting the front end and I use my grip on the handle bars to essentially rotate the back upward with my feet. It might be one of those things that is just easier if you used to do it as a kid. I used to get 16″ or better, but now at least I can still hop a curb (although I usually do it slow, front, and then pop the back).

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