3 thoughts on “When Life Hands You A Canoe…

  1. Hey Max, What bike is that? I like the particular cut of it’s jib, but that doesn’t look like yer KM or that sweet Raleigh you used to have (where is that thing btw?).

    Just wondering because I’m looking to kick my canti’s, dump ye olde cross check and build up something with disc brakes!


    1. Hey Andy!

      That’s my Soma Double Cross. Throw the name into my site’s search bar, and a ton of articles will come up.

      The Raleigh is on the wall at Laughing Dog Bicycles, missing a fork and a few other parts. it’s essentially dead. I need to get around to selling off the remaining bits and salvaging the cool stuff (old-school XT brake levers!).

      This Soma has been my partner in crime for going on six months, and I love it. I’ll have a long-term review out this month or next, but in the meantime, it’s hard to beat for a light, fast disc bike.

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