This Website Will Save Your Life. The one below, not mine. Well, maybe mine. is a new website that uses moving images to illustrate the statistically most likely accidents between motorists and bicycles. Their grammar is atrocious, but their visuals are very nice. I have to say, with something close to 15,000+ miles ridden on the road in the past five years, it looks pretty spot-on to me. My instinctual mistrust of all intersections rings true!

Bicycle Accident Prevention Website

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 11.05.59 AM

There’s a bit of debate about whether this site is unfairly treating the cyclist’s role in some of these accidents. I would disagree. Sometimes, as a cyclist, obeying the law or my rights as a road user is dangerous. There’s a big difference between what legally should happen, and what does happen.

I am hopeful that one day, I will be able to confidently take right-of-way or ride near car doors without a care, but right now, my life is more important than proving something to motorists about legality.

Hope this is helpful! Keep riding!

One thought on “This Website Will Save Your Life. The one below, not mine. Well, maybe mine.

  1. Good link, Max. Defensive riding, common sense and patience rule. Many riders have an attitude of militant entitlement which does nothing to even the score between a two ton vehicle and a fragile human on a bike. When my father taught me to drive he reminded me that “the graveyard is full of people who had the right of way.”

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