Photo Journal: Fireworks on the Fourth

This independence day, Kelley and I exercised some freedoms…


We found ourselves in Hull, MA this year for Fourth of July. When it comes to illegal fireworks, the entire town population is guilty of violating state law. The entire stretch of Nantasket Beach lights up with would-be pyros risking fingers and eyebrows to out-compete their neighbors for the biggest crowd. Kelley and I mounted mountain bikes and rode over the packed sand to see as many displays as we could, and got a little singed ourselves when some of the displays exploded in their launchers, sending flares shooting over the sand into crowds of onlookers.

You’ll have to forgive my (sometimes intentional) penchant for dropped focus in this set. I was hand-shooting at night with no tripod, and a Ricoh GR. I stood directly under a launcher to get most of these shots, which should have been loud, but I’m already deaf!







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