‘Get Lost’ Road Riding

If not knowing where you are is the point, can you still get lost?


Getting lost is way easier when you have no sense of direction to begin with. I’m infamous in my backpacking group for being completely useless with a map. This isn’t such a bad thing in the Northeast; we’re so densely infrastructured up here, I only need to glance at my GPS to find a road home, no matter how many wrong turns I’ve made along the way. I always have hours to kill, dirt roads to dig up, plenty of sunscreen, and two wheels.

Here’s what I’m hauling:

This all rolls up nicely in my Oveja Negra 1/2 Pack, which is conveniently short for my 58cm frame. This gives clearance for my downtube front derailleur shifter, which would obstruct almost any other framebag.

Let’s see where I end up next time…


4 thoughts on “‘Get Lost’ Road Riding

  1. I’m directionally challenged, too. Must be genetic. When I go on long rides, solo, with spotty cell service that chews up the iPhone battery, I carry a small battery pack by iHome called the Pebble. It fits in my seat bag and charges the phone pretty quickly.

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