4 thoughts on “Photo Reel: Las Vegas in Six Days

  1. Was your primary mode of transportation while in LV on bike? If so: Did you have any issues getting around? What was your primary concern & did that prove to be the primary obstacle after your trip was completed?

    1. This trip was (lamentably) not by bike. I walked everywhere, sometimes up to 8 miles at a time. It was great to walk the city, rather than drive it or take cabs, because you see another side to it (sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse).

  2. Great pics. All Ricoh GR? I just took mine on a 10-day trip in Ireland, Wales, and England, and loved it. So much less to carry than my 60D and multiple lenses.

    1. These are all the Ricoh GR, yes! My Flickr page has some more as well (there’s a link on the side there). I loved it the entire trip. I had it strapped to my wrist and shooting the entire time, about 200 photos in all. I don’t miss my DSLR.

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