Welcome to Burlington


First two days? Stellar.

I left North Adams at about 7 in the morning and made awesome time across Vermont to Bennington. From there, I got hopelessly lost, but eventually found New York Route 22 North.

NY-22 North felt like a depressing post-modern theater performance of VT. There are a lot of pickup trucks, a lot of semi’s, and very few rest stops. It was almost all flat, and the cornfields made it feel more like Kansas than New England.

After 150 kilometers, I was happy to cross back over the VT state line for Lake Bomoseen, a jewel in Western Vermont’s crown. The lake boasts several docks and several campgrounds, and is connected to a state park. It’s a little RV-heavy, but I found a spot nestled between a few spruce trees. I met Martin, a cyclist from Montreal who was touring New Hampshire and Vermont. His suggestion? Skip central Canada.

I’m undecided.


Monday morning starts with 10km of dirt roads and salamanders, and beautiful meadow views.  After riding 100km to Burlington, VT, a town that I visited in 2012 from the back of a bike, I drifted aimlessly for ten minutes and then sat down at a beer garden- right next to Natasha, a friend from high school I hadn’t seen in five years. I’ve never visited Burlington without a chance encounter. Last year, we ran into a group of three or four hippies who we met in Bar Harbor, some four hundred miles and seven days prior. It made for an awesome evening, and similarly, catching up with Natasha was wonderful.

Check out the Flickr at the top of the page for the rest of the photos!

One thought on “Welcome to Burlington

  1. My suggestion…skip Canada ! Stay in Québec along the Saint-Laurent River and than cross to Newfoundland ! Tail Wind, authentic, exotic, historic… have a safe trip into Montréal 🙂

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